Age Appropriate Toys

Age Appropriate Toys

Parents and teachers often wonder which toy would be the best for children,  which would be durable and last longer.

Instead of letting the toys end up on a shelf and get dusty, it’s better to consider some criteria; as they act as excellent points to focus on while opting for toys.

Other than being developmentally appropriate, it is also important for toys to be age appropriate. Below are some suggestive points to consider while selecting toys for young children.  


1. Toys for newborn or young infants (0-6 months)

Young infant and Babies tend to observe people closely, always watching them with their eye. Most infant and young babies will typically like things that have faces and colors that are bright. As infants are capable of extending their limbs, observing the things their hands and feet can do, raising their heads, shifting their eyes in the direction of sounds, and placing objects in their mouths are few things they are fascinated of.

Best Toys For Newborn For Young Infants

Best Toys For Newborn For Young Infants

Young infants favorite toys includes something that they can reach out for, hold, shake, suck, squeeze, make noise with. Toys like large rings, soft balls, books with nursery rhymes and poems, lullabies and songs.


2. Toys for infants between 7-12 months

Babies between 7-12 months are typically referred as movers. They like to roll, sit, bounce, creep, pull themselves up and stand.

Best Toys For Older Infant Includes

Doll, puppets, plastic and wooden blocks and cubes such as Grimm’s toys, water toys, vehicles with wheels. Most older infants are also attracted to toys that they can drop which includes plastic bowls, beads and nesting toys.

However, they are also attracted to huge balls, push-and-pull toys and soft objects to crawl over.


3. Toys for 1- 3 year old and above

It as been observed that one year old are always on the go! Children who are 1 year old can walk and even climb stairs with ease. In addition, they appreciate reading and convey with other children (not same in every case).

Best Toys For One Year Old

Books with simple yet real images and objects, toy phones, dolls, stroller, puppets, stiffed toys, vehicles, wooden blocks and puzzles for kids, toys with removable parts, ping-pong balls, rhythm instruments, toy phones, ride-on-cars, play dough, card boards etc.

Best Toys For One Year Olds

When it comes to buying toys for your infants and children, durability and safety is something that always comes to our mind at first. And, there could be nothing better than wooden toys that not only acts as a better substitute to plastic ones for your kids, but also engage in less damage to the toys while playing. In fact, the wooden toys seems to be a perfect choice for children’s safe day care toys.

If you have been looking for safe, durable and best place to buy Grimm’s inspired toys for children, look no further than Zia Play Along. Designed for children, Zia Play Along’s sole purpose if to bring positive childhood experience.

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