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Deer quiet book is a fabric book with educational activities for young children!

12 fabulous handcrafted pages are designed to support the developmental needs of kids. It supports their cognitive development and fine motor skills.

The deer quiet book will keep your little ones busy while they explore a variety of distinct textures, vibrant colors, and challenging scenarios.

The quiet books are quiet light and easy to carry, making them ideal for travel. With this, you can keep your little bundle of happiness busy anytime and anywhere!

Key Development Areas:
  • Boosts imagination & creativity
  • Develop fine motor skills
  • Promote logical thinking
  • Improve attention & concentration
  • Builds object recognition & problem-solving skills
  • Develops hand-eye coordination
Dimensions & Specifications:
  • Size: 20cm x 19cm x 4cm
  • Weight: 390 grams
  • Materials: Cloth, Velcro, Buttons, Ribbon, Lace, Felt, Fabric
  • 100% Eco friendly
  • BPA free
  • 100% premium fabrics.

Deer Quiet Book Includes:

PAGE 1: SNAIL- This page has a snail with lacing activity. The thin thread will go inside the beads attached to the snail. The lacing activity helps in fine motor development and eye-hand coordination.

PAGE 2 & 3: LAUNDRY -These two pages have a laundry and socks color-matching activity. It’s an amazing resource to talk about hygiene. Also, it helps develop self helps skills.

PAGE 4: BIRDS -This page has birds and birdhouses on it. The bright birds have Velcro placing color matching activity. Great activity for cognitive development and talks about taking care of species and their habitat.

PAGE 5: NUMBER PIZZA - This page has a number underneath the pizza slices. The children match the quantity on the slice with the number on the pizza base. This page helps children recognize the number and their quantities.

PAGE 6: BUS -This page has a bus with a lacing activity for fine motor and problem-solving skills.

PAGE 7: MUSHROOM - This page has a zipper on the head of the mushroom. Children will have 1 to 5 numbers inside that will be posted on the page.

PAGE 8 & 9: DOLLHOUSE - These two pages have a doll house with a doll, a wide range of clothes, cupboards, a bed, a blanket, a pillow, etc. for pretend play. This page can help develop social-emotional skills in children.

PAGE 10: CROCODILE & FISHES - This page has 3 crocodiles with small zipper activity and 4 fishes for color corresponding buttons activity.

PAGE 11: Rainbow - This page has a rainbow to match the colors of the raindrops. Also has a big cloud and sun in the background.

*Please Note

Adult supervision is highly suggested for kids under the age of 2 years

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