Kid-Friendly Games to Play on Nature Walks and Hikes

Taking walks and setting off to explore nature with children is probably the best way to bond as a family. There are also some kid-friendly games you can play on a hike, to keep the little ones occupied. We will share more about these fun games in this article.

Kids love to run around and discover new things on a nature walk. They have the freedom to climb small rocks, watch animals, and trees as the Canadian trails offer.

But there are times, they get bored and need fun distractions to keep going. We are here to help you avoid the sudden meltdown with our list of fun activities to do on these walks.

1. "Story Teller"

Story TellerDevelop a story or fairy tale as you go along the hike trials. Encourage your children to continue the story as you pass along the dense tree cover and ponds. Make secret path names and codes to keep the kid's excitement up.

2. "Who is the Trail Leader?"

This is a simple game to inspire your child to "lead" you through the trail, over and around obstacles. This boosts confidence in them as they like adults can instruct and motivate you to keep moving.

3. "Scavenger Hunt"

Make a list of things you see on your daily walk or hike trails and start a game of Scavenger Hunt with your children. Each participant gets the list and they can mark all the things they collect on the walk. You can make this even more fun but keeping a theme. 

4. "Day out with the snuggle Buddy"

Kids always insist upon taking their toys on a walk. But of course, parents can't always allow it. Though, the 'Zia Play Along' daycare toys are light enough to be carried anywhere. The handmade bunny toys can be their adventure partners on the next trail walk.

5." I Spy"

Walk and call out the things you see on your way down the trail, test each other's awareness and vision in nature. Keep calling out familiar objects as "I spy something green" when it's your turn.

6. "What's that!"

It is a simple yet innovative game, where you point at things and let your child guess what it is! These could be birds, animals, or things, you have read together in books.

7. "Pick the stick"

Find the perfect hiking stick with your kids. They feel they are doing something important in a family outdoor activity.

8. "The Collectors"

We all collect different things; it could be stamps, flowers, and beautiful pens, anything! And many children find something they admire and build their collection. You could encourage them to find their treasures in nature. It could be sparkly pebbles, beautiful flowers, or even bird feathers.

Here we shared all the outdoor games you can play on hikes. But what about the long days spent inside during the pandemic? 'Zia Play Along' has an exceptional collection of Montessori and baby toys to shop online. Games like blocks and puzzles keep children occupied for long durations. These inspire learning through play.

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