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Educational Toys To Improve Your Child’s Sensory Motor Skills

It is said that a child’s brain develops at a rapid pace till the age of five. They learn and develop skills through observation, listening, exploring, and experiencing things using their five senses of touch, sound, smell, sight, and taste. As parents, it is of utmost importance to channel their learning experience in the right direction by introducing them to the toys, which may stimulate their brain development and aid in holistic development. Preschool toys play a great role in the formative years of a child’s physical and mental development and help create a learning environment, which is vibrant and engaging. The extent to which a child would be able to acquire and learn sensory motor skills depends upon the type of toys they are exposed to. Toys with different colors, textures, and shapes expose them to the new world and entice them to use their sensory and motor skills.

Read on to explore the types of toys that help in nurturing and improving your child’s brain development.

Wooden Toys

Wooden educational toys prove to be of great help in educating children in a fun and enjoyable way. For instance, wooden playdough tools, wooden abacus, number boards, flower stacker, tree set, and kitchen set not only offer a playful way to educate children about new objects but also function to enhance their recognition, balancing, pattern-making, problem-solving, and decision-making skills. Besides that, wooden toys are safe for your child and sustainable in the long run.

Wooden Toys

Building Blocks

“Building blocks promote motor development by giving children exciting opportunities to use their fingers”, says Alison Harris. Educational building blocks toys are found to be highly effective in adding a spark to children’s imagination, supporting social emotional development and nurturing their creative abilities. These encourage them to take turns, cooperate with others, develop self-esteem, and become self-reliant.   
Building Blocks For Kids


Puzzles teach and strengthen visual processing, concentration, and sequencing. Jigsaw puzzles often put children in a challenging situation that require them to use their patience, perseverance, and concentration. As such, cracking puzzles help in improving the short-term memory and problem-solving abilities of children.
 Rainbow Toy Set

Quiet Books

Take your storytelling sessions to another level by introducing your toddler to interactive Busy books that allow them to use their imagination and encourage them to touch different textures, shapes, raised-die-cut pieces and offer tactile stimulation to them. The vibrant colors, sturdy pages, and striking characters retain their interest, which would also help introduce various concepts to your little ones.

Quiet Books For Kids


Wooden Alphabet Blocks

Make learning fun using multicolored wooden blocks that can be used in a variety of ways to engage your active toddler. Let them stack these blocks and identify different alphabets and colors; not only would they recognize alphabets but would also improve their hand-eye coordination, sharpen their fine motor skills and get spatial awareness.

Right from play dough to sandcastle kits, there are a plethora of options that would help you engage and edutain your child while honing their sensory motor skills.

Wooden Alphabet Chart

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