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7 Amazing Easter Gift Ideas for Toddlers & Preschoolers

It is said that if you want to learn something from your kids, it should be the curiosity to explore the world, to be free-spirited & enjoy the little things in life, and to be happy for no reason! Undoubtedly, these virtues fade away as we get into the ‘adulting’ business, but our kids are the constant reminders and bring us back to the basics! With Easter around the corner, let’s offer some interesting and fun Easter toys to our little explorers and allow them to grow multifold!

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At ZiaPlayAlong, we understand the toddler phase is a crucial stage, where your little one is developing physically, emotionally, socially, and is expanding their vocabulary, sensory, and motor skills. However, while focusing on creating a stimulating environment for your child, we tend to forget the importance of having fun and encouraging their imagination! After a lot of brainstorming, we’ve come up with 7 interesting and fun Easter gift ideas for toddlers and preschoolers that encourage creativity and sharpen visual, tactile, and kinesthetic learning!




  1. Easter Gift Basket: Gift this colorful gift basket to your toddler and involve them in the festivities! The basket includes a soft, plush pink bunny with big ears, a wooden Pull along Toy elephant, and a multicolored wooden caterpillar.
  1. Easter Gift Box: Easter is incomplete without a bunny ! This Easter bunny gift box includes a pink plush bunny and a decorative balloon pillow with a ‘Be Happy’ message, perfect for those cuddles!
  1. Wooden Flower Stacker: Level up their play with this multicolored flower stacker. This 11-piece wooden stacking toy encourages color recognition, hand-eye coordination and strengthens their fine motor and problem-solving skills. Crafted using non-toxic colors, this stacker is a great educational toy!
  1. Hand Puppets: Build interesting stories and hone their social skills using these 10 different plush puppets. Involve them in conversations to boost their language development and expand their vocabulary.
  1. Sensory Sound Boxes: A step ahead of the traditional picture matching games, this game has eight boxes with four distinct sounds; the child has to shake the box and match sounds of similar boxes. It is a great exercise to boost memory and sensory development.
  1. 12 Play Dough Tools: It is vital to expose your child to different textures for sensory development and promote finger movements for fine motor development. The classic Play dough and play dough toys are great tools to enhance creativity and fine motor skills.
  1. Wooden Number Puzzle: As perfect Easter basket stuffers, these number puzzles help introduce the concept of numbers and shapes to your little one. Let them balance, sort, stack and explore these wooden numbers however they like! 

Give a twist to the usual Easter basket by adding these fun, educational, and out-of-the-box gifts for your toddlers and preschoolers!

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