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Zia Play Along



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We all remember playing with playdough! Gooey but rubbery, flexible, and malleable with a very distinct smell. Now your child can get in on some of that doughy magic and produce unique patterns with these dough tools

Playdough tools make playing with the dough more fun and frolic. These are specifically designed not only to keep your little ones busy but also to give many teachable moments.

Key Development Areas:

  • Develops fine motor skills
  • Encourages creativity
  • Improves social skills
  • Promotes playtime
  • Supports literacy & numeracy
  • Enhances hand-eye coordination
  • Builds strength


These playdough tools are made of high-grade wood. These are smooth to work and play with. Its seamless texture makes it easy for kids to work with.

Dimensions & Specifications:

  • 12 Tools - Each tool varies from 16 cm to 10 cm (approx.)
  • The size of the heart-shaped basket is 21 cm x 23 cm (approx.)

Wooden Play Dough Tool Set Includes:

Textured Rolling Pins × 3: Let your child create fascinating designs on the surface of the playdough with textured rolling pins. They can also be a fun way to add variety to playdough play.

Using textured rolling pins in playdough activities can help to improve children's fine motor skills, creativity, and imagination.

Playdough Rocker Pressers × 3: Playdough rocker pressers can be used to create various designs and patterns on playdough. They can be used to create different patterns and procedures on the dough.

These are a fun way for children to express their creativity and imagination and also help children improve their fine motor skills and talent.

Playdough Wooden Chisels × 4: Playdough wooden chisels can be used to create different designs and shapes in playdough. They have a sharp, thin blade that can be used to cut and sculpt the playdough.

Using playdough wooden chisels can help to improve children's fine motor skills, creativity, and imagination, and can be a fun way to add variety to playdough play.

Playdough Wooden Pizza Wheels × 3: Wooden pizza wheels are designed to be used with playdough or modeling clay. They are a popular tool for use in classrooms and at home for children's arts and crafts activities.

They can be used to create different shapes and designs, such as pizza slices, to enhance children's creativity and fine motor skills.

*Please Note

Adult supervision is highly suggested for kids under the age of 4 years.

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