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Why are toys an important part of a child’s development?

Zia Play Along - Toys

Do you remember when you were a child, you were able to play with various types of toys for hours? Toys are an essential component of a child’s development as they are an instrument of learning. When a child interacts with a toy, he/she first observes it closely. Then the child engages with the toy using  their motor skills, such as touch or listening. Some toys will help the child to become physically and socially active. There are several toys, such as a costume, that allows the child to nurture their imagination and creativity, while other toys can foster problem solving and analysis skills. Children can also express their emotions, such as happiness, or develop language skills while interacting with the toys. 

These are the prominent abilities that a child needs to develop and later utilize when they transition into adulthood. Therefore, it is vital to provide them with educational toys that can truly enhance their cognitive and emotional skills.

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