Puzzles for Brain Development

The Benefits of Solving Puzzles for Early Childhood Development

The Benefits of Solving Puzzles for Early Childhood Development

It is well known that puzzles can encourage brain development in children as they grow. They start with simple block puzzles in the form of simple shapes that fit into corresponding board cut-outs. After a certain age, they go to more complex outlines of real-world objects that take more attention. And then, there are jigsaw puzzles that vary based on complexity.

Let's explore some interesting benefits of puzzles for your child as they grow and other homeschooling resources as well as toys available on ziaplayalong.com.

When a child solves a puzzle, they enhance in all three child development domains:

  • Physical development of fine motor skills when they hold puzzle pieces and put them in the cutouts until it fits.
  • Cognitive abilities as they try to solve the puzzle.
  • Emotional development as they learn patience and get rewarded after completing the puzzle.

It is an activity that needs attention, and young children can spend their quiet time without getting bored. Playing with puzzles with other children and family members can teach social skills, communication, and group work. 

  • Hand-Eye Coordination-With sight and touch stimulation, kids develop a strong connection between what they see, what they hold, and the brain starts to link to this information.
  • Fine Motor Skills-Carrying out small and precise movements to fit a puzzle piece in the exactly suitable mould helps hand muscle development.
  • Awareness of the surrounding-A young child is still unknown what exists in and around them. Through puzzles, they take an interest in their surroundings.
  • Shape identification-If you start with¬†puzzles in the form of simple shapes like triangles, squares, and circles and progress to complex shapes, they have a greater chance to identify them later as they begin formal education.
  • Memory-Solving similar puzzles develops their long-term memory.
  • Establishing goals-¬†As you keep giving children these puzzle toys, they aim to solve them. They decide where to start first to solve it in less time. Such as dividing pieces of the same colours or shape into one pile.

The next step is choosing the right puzzle and toys!

  choosing the right puzzle and toys

'Zia Play Along' provides your family with blocks, puzzles, and toys for every stage of your kids' development with honest and informative resources along the way.

With our Number Puzzles and balancing blocks, the child can learn maths in a fun way. And guess what, there are several benefits of including these mathematics-related toys-

  • Many solutions are possible with each puzzle.
  • Differing colours and multiple answers allow for creative freedom.¬†
  • The puzzles could include rules that help in strategy-building and social skills. Children, while playing together, can build these skills quickly.
  • You can increase or decrease the difficulties as your child grows into a new puzzle set. Start with the most straightforward puzzle and level up later.

You can also order Montessori toys and resources online on 'Zia Play-Along. And you get free shipping throughout Canada and the USA. Anjali, the founder, introduced these products intending to inspire and encourage meaningful play! 

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