Montessori Wooden Toys for kids

Montessori-Inspired Birthday Gift Ideas for a 2-year-old!

Shopping for the little ones in our life, be it your friends and family or your kids, can be highly confusing sometimes! ziaplayalong may be able to help you with this. Take a look at our most loved toys for kids and browse through the 'Zia Play Along.' Collection for meaningful Montessori toys for 3- 5-year-olds! Ziaplayalong is here to help with any birthday gift crisis. 

Our busy book /quiet book named The Sloth Book is perfect for encouraging imagination in young children. The book will have new felt animal friends as well as cars, clothes, and fruit. It is filled with colourful, detachable pieces that will let the child explore several distinct textures, vibrant colours, and challenging scenarios. Guess what; these 'Quiet books' can make the 'Quiet Time' fun, engaging and meaningful.


Unique Playdough toys and Rolling Pins- 

We all remember playing with playdough! Gooey but rubbery, flexible and malleable with a very distinct smell. Now your child can get in on some of that doughy magic and produce unique patterns with these rolling pins. The set comes with 12, each created to press a different texture into the playdough. Once stamped, they can use their various pieces to create whatever they'd like! These playdough tools will get their imagination going - while providing a unique sensory experience. Encourage kids' Creative development and Sensory development through this open-ended playdough/clay/sand playset.


Kids Wooden Tool Box- 

The play with tools is an absolute favourite among kids. Kids like to play with tools available in the house, and this tool kit will serve the same purpose with much safety. It will spark curiosity among kids to play, build, break and make again. It encourages open-ended play, imagination, Pretend-play and creativity.

The tools are well packed in the wooden box. The box has antique locks and a handle to pick and carry.

The edges are smooth, and the colours used are non-toxic. It's an excellent toolbox with a toy screwdriver, toy spanners, toy rulers, toy square and saws, hammers, toy pliers, screws and more.

Wooden Cars & Peg People-

7 pcs - the wooden car set is another Open-ended and Meaningful gift for kids

These little wooden toy cars are great for sparking imaginative play and holding a young one's attention. Hold them in your lap and spin the wheels for a nice distraction or roll them around with each other to act out different scenarios. Your child will have fun deciding how fast they go while taking them on grand adventures. 

Kids get excited when they see fire trucks, school buses, and the people on them. These seven little wooden Toy cars can catch a young one's attention. They can roll the cars around and travel in their vibrant imaginary world. These are an excellent addition to other toys, allowing for creative free play. This set comes with seven vehicles, three peg people, and a storage bag.

Animal - 3D Puzzle- 

These geometric animal blocks can be put in their tray as a puzzle, stacked together to create shapes and patterns, or included for imaginative playtime. Each block is painted with a cute animal face and colorful details, giving them more character. These buddies will bring a smile to any kid's face, and you can play along too, teaching them all the animal sounds!

Montessori-Inspired Birthday Gift Ideas for a 2-year-old!

Wooden Train Tracks- 

We all loved trains when we were kids, didn't we! These wooden toy tracks, along with two train toys, are an all-time favorite among children. 

Handmade crochet Bunny Family- 

Kids sleeping with their soft toys is so heartwarming to see. Maybe it's time to get new snuggle buddies for their birthday! We have a cute bunny family set, all set to spark the kids' creativity. These are handmade with love and wool.

Want to decorate your children's room? The 'Zia Play Along' nursery boho décor collection for kids is perfect to shop for beautiful pieces. The new additions will surprise the little ones and make their playtime fun!

The Montessori-inspired toys can be ordered online anytime. 

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