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Paving the Way for Eco-friendly Toys


The last few years have been an eye-opener for all of us. The pandemic not only taught us to appreciate the simple things in life, but also prepared us to make conscious efforts to keep our surroundings clean by making choices that are eco-friendly! Whether you buy utilities for your home or select toys for your little ones, it is important to make smart decisions. As parents, we all try to create a healthy atmosphere for our children so that they understand the significance of nurturing the environment.

Over the years, eco-friendly toys have garnered attention from everyone. As per a report, the sustainable toys market is expected to reach $59.64 billion by the year 2030.  As these toys are made of natural material sans the chemicals, these are safe and long-lasting. Materials like natural wood and organic textiles are used to craft sustainable children toys that are entertaining as well as educational. Toddlers love to explore their environment by touching and using their hands and mouth, which reiterate the importance of natural baby toys.

The drastic transformation in the manufacturing and packaging of the toys is sheer proof of the fact that there is a lot of sensitization and awareness among people to opt for choices that are environmentally friendly and are in fact, kids-friendly!

 At ZiaPlayAlong we ideated a safe and stimulating environment for our little ones and created an exhaustive range of BPA-free nontoxic toys .Right from conceptualization to manufacturing and packaging, we make sure that our toys are completely safe and eco-friendly. Our earth-friendly packaging completely eliminates the use of plastics. The Zia fabric bags are recyclable and can be reused to store different items. The drawstring closure is easy to use and secures all the materials. The idea is to offer sustainable options in a fun way!




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