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Choosing Best Wooden Toys To Encourage Creativity and Imagination

Making decisions for our children, especially in their first few years of life, is one of the most challenging tasks we face as parents. We make every effort to select the best available fabric, the safest food alternatives, and, most importantly, the appropriate toys that help them develop their skills. Here lies the most challenging task. What should parents opt for?

It is observed that parents are bound to get confused with the plethora of toys available in the market. However, parents should consider safety ,durability and environment.

Even though people often prefer their high-tech toys made of plastic, it turns out that wooden toys have several advantages over plastic ones. First, wooden toys are long lasting. Wooden toys grow with the kids in the family and they're definitely better for the environment.

Let's uncover some of the best advantages of opting for wooden toys for your little ones;

1. Safer for Your Child in Long Run

One of the first questions that usually comes to mind while purchasing toys is "Is it safe?." If a toy is fragile and breaks easily, then children may risk choking some of the pieces. On the other hand, Wooden toys are not easy to break.

2. Better for Environment

Every year, we generate a massive 5 million tones of plastic waste in which some of the waste comes from old toys, broken plastic products such as toys, and plastic bottles.

So why not just reuse, recycle, and cut back on waste? Wooden toys are an excellent way to make your little contribution to the environment without even having to do much. You can play a small part in reducing the number of plastic wastes by purchasing wooden toys that come with plastic-free packaging.

3. Lasts Longer

It has been observed that young children tend to bite and squeeze plastic toys, so it's best to have a toy that withstands time with minor damage. Because even if they're composed of robust materials, plastic toys might shatter .On the other hand, Wooden toys can survive children's active play in any situation because they are composed of solid materials.

4. Enhances early childhood education

While plastic toys may have sound effects and flashing lights, research shows that wooden toys can help children enhance their arithmetic, literary, spatial awareness, and problem-solving skills.

ziaplayalong wooden toys are open ended and come in the shape of doll house furniture ,puzzles, shape sorters and building blocks, which encourages imaginational and creativity.

5. Encourages Creative Imagination

Similar to how wooden toys can aid in developing educational skills, they can also help stimulate creative thinking and play habits in kids.

Simple wooden toys assist in firing up kid's imaginations and get them thinking outside the box, whether it's a wooden horse galloping through the forest or playing architect extraordinaire with a variety of colourful building blocks.

Wooden toys, which typically include sound effects and movements, assist toddlers in developing their hearing, speaking, and other sensory skills as they make sounds to accompany their play.

6. Promote Teamwork Skills

When children start school, they will be required to work in groups at some point. Whether it's playing sports on the playground or participating in a classroom project, it's ideal to initiate activities which would encourage them to play and work in teams.

Wooden toys promote teamwork by allowing other children, parents and caregivers to assist children in creating structural building block or putting puzzle pieces together.

Wrapping it up!

If you have been looking for the best wooden toys over plastic toys, then look no further than Zia Play-Along. Zia Play-Along is founded by a mother dedicated to making playtime as developmentally appropriate, child-safe, and long-lasting.
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